For more than 50 years, we at BASF have been supporting you in manufacturing advanced construction materials for indoor and outdoor applications in accordance with global market needs

Nonwovens and fabrics based on glass fibers or yarns are widely used in construction applications. Those substrates serve as support layers, as facings and coverings, or reinforcements. Our tailor-made binders ensure that the substrate provide sufficient mechanical performance to meet the application and processing requirements.

Product Application Properties

Styrofan® SD 332 N ap

Hydrophobic, soft touching

Acronal® A 420 S

Hydrophobic, water-resistant

Acronal® 7268

Hydrophilic, “flexibilizer” for Acrodur® series

Acronal® LN 838 S

Heat and (non-polar) solvent resistant

Acronal® 7266

Hydrophobic, stiff and hard

Styrofan® D 905 ap

Excellent water resistance and hard polymer

Product Application Properties

Acrodur® 950 L ap

Very heat and (unipolar) solvent/oil resistant        

Acrodur® DS 3530 ap

Heat resistant, medium viscosity                   

Acrodur® Plus 2580

Heat resistant, high solid content, high reactivity

Other types of nonwoven