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Data for Business 

D4B's team essence of business is to harness the power of data to drive strategic decisions, improve processes, enhance customer experiences, and contribute to the overall success and growth of the organization.

Spreading awareness about the potential of the Data science in driving business success and boosting innovation across the organization is the main task of Data for Business team. 

Our team is dedicated to understanding business processes and overcoming challenges. We gather and evaluate both internal and external data to ensure quality. Employing advanced mathematical methods, we transform data into predictive models for precise, data-driven decisions. 

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Specialization of D4B team

Our Data for Business team offers a range of essential services: 

  • Descriptive and predictive analytics
  • Data visualization and reporting
  • Robotic automation
  • Backend and Frontend web development

Also, data scientists are well-versed in managing extensive datasets, constructing pipelines for data integration and transformation, applying statical methods, developing machine learning models, creating result-centering reports, as well as designing and developing robotic processes and automation systems. 

I enjoy working in an international and inspiring environment, the company that follows the latest trends in technology and inspires people to develop creative and innovative solutions, because I can see direct business results. This is the most exciting part of my job, when I feel that I can make an impact in such a big corporation. 

Kateryna Lelas

Scrum Master / Data Scientist


Navigating Data Dynamics with Agile Excellence

Our Data for Business team operates within an Agile framework, placing a premium on proactivity, accountability, and collaborative synergy.
Rooted in ownership and initiative, our team embodies a unified spirit, driven by shared goals.

Having a strong programming background and good business understanding is something that helps our team members in driving business insights. Effective communication serves as the bridge, transforming complex analyses into clear narratives for non-technical stakeholders.

Problem-solving is our forte, as we innovate solutions for challenges. Ethical data handling and global awareness are part of our approach.

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Our members possess a diverse skill set:

  • Data management, from extensive datasets to integration
  • Python and Databricks proficiency for analysis
  • ETL/ELT mastery with tools like KNIME and Azure Data Factory
  • Statistical analysis and mathematical methods
  • Machine learning and optimization expertise
  • Fluent data visualization using Power BI
  • Robotic process automation with UiPath and Microsoft Power Platform

Adapting to evolving trends and continuous learning are the core to us. We embrace emerging technologies for personal and professional growth, facilitated by company-supported training.

In essence, our Data for Business team stands as an adaptable force, adeptly navigating the realms of data, technology, and business with an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Core Values of D4B team 

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D4B - the team of experts dedicated to leveraging data science for the benefit of the business. 

At the heart of D4B, the fusion of expertise and data fuels innovation, driving new possibilities for BASF's success. 

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