Proizvodi i industrijske grane

Industrial Enzyme Solutions

BASF is a recognized pioneer in the development and commercialization of high-performance enzymes for use in industrial processes. BASF sells enzymes developed using its unique R&D capabilities to satisfy the needs of the global market. Leveraging its unique, patented technology, the company harnesses the power of nature and creates products that maximize efficiency while improving environmental performance.

Der BASF-Wirkstoff F 500® ist seit seiner Markteinführung erfolgreich – besonders in Brasilien. Produkte mit F 500 (wie z.B. Opera®) helfen brasilianischen Sojabauern, eine verheerende Pilzkrankheit zu bekämpfen: den Asiatischen Sojabohnenrost.

Global Challenges

The global population is estimated to reach 9 billion by 2050. Major challenges to support that growth include having enough water, food and energy for all while meeting expectations of rising living standards. At BASF we believe through creating chemistry and leveraging industrial biotechnology, we will be able to meet these challenges.


Why Enzymes?

From enzymes in detergents, to enzymes which enhance the nutrition of the food we eat, enzymes are part of our everyday lives. They make the products we use daily more efficient, are naturally biodegradable and have a great safety profile. Enzymes are part of a growing movement towards the biobased economy.

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Innovate with Us

We invite potential collaborators and customers to engage with BASF to jointly collaborate and solve problems together.

BASF Enzymes - Scientist in lab

Our Science

Our technology platform harnesses all of nature’s biodiversity, and brings that biodiversity to the commercial realm via enzyme products.