Proizvodi i industrijske grane

Why Enzymes?

As we approach 9 billion people on this planet by 2050, we need to find more sustainable ways to continue to improve the lives of our global community.  By harnessing the best of nature, and improving it further, we are now able to address challenging industrial problems, and push the boundaries of the green chemistry revolution.

Often cited as the “First Wave” of industrial biotechnology, enzymes have become established as critical parts of our everyday lives, working as a silent partner behind the scenes.  They help you clean your clothes better, keep your bread fresher, help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, make our farm animals healthier with lower environmental impact, and reduce water, energy and other chemical inputs in a variety of industrial processes.  Enzymes are produced via fermentation and once used for their intended application, they are naturally biodegradable.

But today’s enzyme markets are only the beginning.  We are looking to develop new opportunities with enzymes, and realize the synergies between chemicals and enzymes.  After all, enzymes are nature’s way of (bio)chemistry. By combining the power of Mother Nature with the ingenuity of humanity, we can truly create chemistry for a sustainable future.

Companies in a variety of processing industries are optimizing processes with clean, cutting-edge enzyme solutions. BASF’s breakthrough enzyme products enhance customer efficiency by improving the performance of current industrial processes.