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Qritos – Multi-Criteria Optimization by BASF  

Discover the optimal formulations for your products

Find the best solution for complex product development based on state-of-the-art statistical trial planning and predictive modeling.

Optimize your R&D and experience faster, cheaper and more reliable product development – with our intuitive tool that does not require statistics or data science experience.

Explore your digital shelf of possible formulations – discover new formulations and recipes hidden in your own data, powered by machine learning.

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In the new research building B007, BASF research moves closer together. Here, scientists from material physics, formulation and specialty chemicals research work door-to-door. They develop new solutions together with polymer chemists in the neighboring building. A bridge, shortening paths, interconnects the two buildings. 

Furthermore, open communication areas facilitate exchange between the scientific disciplines. This stimulates creative ideas, and benefits the efficient development of effective solutions.

Rui de Oliveira (left) and Karsten Seidel (right), from Material Physics, exchange experience and discuss research findings.

The challenge

  • A complex product development process often involves conflicting goals, and trade-offs are necessary.
  • Small changes in specifications require a lot of additional experiments, and leveraging existing data from old experiments is often not possible.
  • Companies lose opportunities due to very long development times and overburdened R&D.

Your solution

Going beyond standard optimization tools, Qritos – the easy-to-use Multi-Criteria Optimization Tool by BASF – determines Pareto-optimal solutions. This data-driven approach empowers the user to make instant, well-informed, and optimal decisions about the final product formulation.      

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Discover the best solutions for your products with Qritos for ... 

multi criteria optimization: workflow
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Predicting properties of formulations with models based on ingredients and processing conditions – forward prediction / simulation – is common in the chemical industry.

But Qritos can do more: Qritos predicts the ingredients for your selection of optimal properties, thereby solving the inverse problem. That makes Qritos a truly unique solution!

Qritos‘ Pareto approximation and navigation are powered by Fraunhofer ITWM Technology.

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Let's assume you are faced with the following challenge:

  • For your material development, you need to achieve several properties, e.g. the material has to be durable, heat-resistant and waterproof at the same time.
  • Some of these characteristics might be conflicting, e.g. the more durable a product becomes, the less waterproof it gets. Another trade-off might be between yield and quality.
  • Unfortunately, there is no way to achieve the optimum for all desired parameters.
  • In order to find a balance between conflicting characteristics (responses), you might refer to trial and error via multiple experiments. This is usually resource-inefficient and increases time to market.
  • At the same time, a trial and error approach can never safely explore the optimum between different responses.
  • Even using more advanced methods such as Design of Experiments (DoE) in combination with software available on the market will not enable you to make the best decisions. If at all, this approach will provide you with one optimum between e.g. yield and quality, but not with all possible optima depending on your preferences with respect to other factors.

This is how Qritos can help:

  • Qritos is an add-on to your existing workflows and software tools – not a replacement.
  • Qritos builds models on your data (which can be anonymized so that your data remains confidential) and finds all possible optima. It then allows you to choose among all possible optima and display the trade-offs and formulations in real-time.
  • For example, you can select a desired level of quality and instantly see the optimal yield, but also viscosity, durability or other characteristics, as well as the associated cost, time to market and all relevant input parameters.

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