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Videos - Creating Chemistry

Exciting topics from the world of chemistry, interestingly presented and easily understood: This is what BASF’s video podcast series called “Creating Chemistry” offers.  

Biodiversity - Making it work on a Modern Farm

Nutritious, healthy and affordable food is what every man, woman and child deserves. It is already a challenge today – in a world with just above 7 billion people. The challenge will become greater – feeding more people with limited resources. And what about nature? How can farmers satisfy the basic demand of every human being and at the same time protect water resources, bees and birds?

The Farm Network, a partnership initiated by BASF, works on answers. Farmers, experts for agriculture and for nature conservation in seven European countries join their knowhow, create measures that increase sustainable farming and test them. The results demonstrate that high yield agriculture and a thriving environment can go together.

See one example: The Farm Network cooperation on the Grange, UK.