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Who we are

Innovations for a sustainable future

Optimism is what drives all human beings. At BASF, this motivates us every day to develop solutions for the greatest challenges of our time – so we can better protect the climate, make optimal use of limited resources and provide food, energy and clean water for a booming world population.


Innovations made BASF the leading chemical company. Today our customers and the whole society are more than ever looking for innovative solutions. We all need answers for problems like climate change, scarcity of resources and marine littering. As the most innovative chemical company we take a special responsibility here, because innovations based on chemistry are key to those answers.


With our Carbon Management Program we set a benchmark in achieving the climate protection targets, with our  ChemCycling approach we aim towards a circular economy. We also co-founded the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, a global effort to end plastic waste in the environment. This is how we understand our corporate purpose – "We create chemistry for a sustainable future". 

Martin Brudermüller
Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE

Our innovative power 

                              … is based on efficient research and development. We build on our Know-How Verbund: the great creativity, the specific skills and the broad knowledge of our networks. It is all about developing solutions together … 

for a sustainable future

Facts and figures 2020


employees in research and development (R&D) worldwide

> 2 billion €

 expenses for R&D


new patents worldwide in 2020


Among leading companies in Patent Asset Index

The number and quality of our patents also attest to our power of innovation and long-term competitiveness. In 2020, we filed around 950 new patents worldwide. We once again ranked among the leading companies in the Patent Asset Index, a method that compares patent portfolios industry-wide. 

Patent Asset Index™

The Patent Asset Index™ is calculated using the factors portfolio size and competitive impact. The competitive impact is determined by its technology relevance and market coverage.

Research facts and figures 2017


     employees in research and

      development worldwide



      R&D locations worldwide



     patents filed

~1,888 million

  expenditures in research and
    development in 2017



                           R&D projects




Recharge Yourself_16-9.jpg

Battery Materials

With our innovations in battery materials, electric cars will recharge in just 15 minutes in 2025. See how BASF's innovations in battery materials inspired young filmmakers.



IR Detectors : Hertzstück™

PbS and PbSe near-infrared detectors and arrays with a unique encapsulation for longer lifetime and highest detectivity at room temperature.



Supercomputer Quriosity

Get to know Quriosity, BASF’s supercomputer with a computing power of 1.75 petaflops.


Organic Synthetic Lab in Mumbai, India / Organic Synthetic Lab d

R&D in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific is home to the headquarters of BASF’s Advanced Materials & Systems Research Technology Platform, as well as several key R&D sites focused on crop protection, electronics, and battery materials.


Research facts and figures 2018