Chemical Safety Assessments under REACH

If hazardous substances are manufactured or imported in an annual quantity of 10 metric tons or more, REACH requires not only the submission of technical data but also a Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA).


In this assesment, BASF experts evaluate the impact of the substance on humans and the environment. If this assessment shows the substance is classified to be dangerous, the uses of the substance are also evaluated.

Based on this chemical safety assessment, the Chemical Safety Report (CSR) is prepared which also describes the necessary risk management measures to ensure safe use of the substance.

In close cooperation with its customers, BASF will carry out the necessary safety assessments with the aim of covering, as far as possible, the uses of all downstream users. A multistage process has been developed for this purpose with the aim of optimizing communication effort for customers as well.

During the REACH registration process BASF will also continue developing all the safety data sheets in accordance with the requirements. As before, all customers will be informed automatically about relevant changes. This is also true under REACH.