Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC)

REACH establishes a special authorisation procedure for substances identified by a scientific evaluation as being of very high concern.

The authorisation procedure under REACH is subject to clear rules and proceeds through several steps.

Candidate list

The inclusion of a substance in the "candidate list" according to Article 59(1) of REACH results in a number of obligations.

  • Article 31(1) of REACH, among other things, obliges the supplier of a substance included in the "candidate list" to provide his customer with a safety data sheet. 
  • Article 33 of REACH further obliges the supplier of a product containing a "candidate list" substance in a concentration of more than 0.1 % (w/w) to inform the customer at least of the name of the substance concerned. To make it possible for our customers to satisfy this obligation, every time new substances are included in the "candidate list" we check whether our products contain such substances in amounts above the limit mentioned. If this is the case, we aim to include an appropriate reference in the relevant safety data sheets within four weeks after the new list is published. We automatically send the updated versions to all customers who have purchased these products from us in the past twelve months.

Annex XIV

If substances produced or imported by BASF are subsequently included in the so called Annex XIV of the REACH regulation – and their use is there- fore subject to authorisation – BASF intends to contact the customers directly.

With this procedure, we provide you with immediate and comprehensive information. You therefore do not need to submit inquiries yourself.