Show Commitment. Create Customer Impact.


BASF is a place where you have the chance to make a difference at the workplace and in the world.

Being entrepreneurial is about looking inwards as much as it is looking out. We want to find ways to offer our customers solutions that add more value to their work, and to do this our people need the independence to develop these effectively. We are focused on our customer, both holistically as a company and as individual team members. We seek opportunity and when we find it, we act on it. We are aware of our responsibility for our actions, both personally and as a business. The age of strict hierarchies is no more. 
Today’s world is about collaboration, listening to customers, and exchanging ideas with others. We know it comes down to accountability too – each person taking responsibility for their own tasks to contribute to our shared success. Industries are evolving through shifts like digitization and we need to be agile to meet changing needs. By thinking and acting like entrepreneurs we can stay competitive in our market.