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Smallholder farmers face numerous challenges including lack of technical knowledge about good agriculture practice, hindering their active participation in sustainable agriculture. They also live in remote regions with fragmented rural infrastructure.  

#Hapi aims to address these challenges by delivering to Egyptian tomato growers real-time, tailor-made recommendations using mobile technology such as SMS and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The backbone of the project is an early disease warning system (EDWS). By combining satellite technology, weather forecast, modelling disease outbreaks and real-time field observations in one digital platform, the EDWS will help BASF to deliver tailored, disease-specific alerts and actionable advice to farmers. 

Similar messages will also be sent to retailers via WhatsApp so they will know when to stock which types of products in their retail shops. When a farmer interacts with a retailer shop, the retailer can proactively discuss the disease alert sent by BASF and promote the recommended fungicide products as well as reinforce safe-use messages.

Digital technology allows for much faster scale-up and with adaptation of EDWS platform, BASF will be able to expand into other crops and countries.

By following farming recommendations, farmers will be able to increase their yields and produce higher quality crops enabling them to make a better life for themselves and their families.

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Smallholder trainings result in more professional crop management and higher yields (currently in start-up phase).

Sustainable Development Goals:

icon of family holding hands with red background and text 1-no poverty
8-decent work and economic growth
9-Industry, innovation and infrastructure
17-Partnerships for the goals