Questions on internships

An internship usually lasts between two and six months. In Germany can mandatory internships be offered for a maximum duration of six months, depending on study regulations, while voluntary internships can only be offered for a maximum of three months. Gap year internships can be offered for a maximum duration of 6 months.

Mandatory internships are internships which are required during studies due to a university regulation.

Complete the form “certificate for a mandatory internship” provided by BASF and have the university administration to attest that the internship is mandatory. Alternatively, you can also submit the study regulations, which stipulate that you are required to complete a mandatory internship with your application documents.

Voluntary internships are any internships which are not required by a university regulation. You may only do one voluntary internship for a maximum of three months per legal entity of BASF. If you have already completed an internship at BASF SE, you are not permitted to do another one at BASF SE. If this is the case, you can for example do a voluntary internship at a BASF Group company instead.

You need to be enrolled at a university for the whole duration of the internship if you wish to complete an internship at BASF.  

We require the following documents from you for an application: résumé, cover letter, valid certificate of enrollment for the duration of the internship, references, certificates, current grade transcript and the completed form “internship questionnaire”. If you wish to complete a mandatory internship, please also complete this form “certificate for a mandatory internship” and have it attested by your university administration or, alternatively, submit your study regulations. For thesis applications, the forms are not required.

It goes without saying that all internships are paid!

An internship between your bachelor and master or your master and doctorate is perfectly possible. However, a statement of intent is required which stipulates that you plan to commence a master degree or a doctorate.

Yes, BASF offers internships abroad with our Explore Together program. You can learn more about this program here.

Final theses are obligatory to finish the studies, therefore they are handled as mandatory internships.


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