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Get to know our company via the ”Deutschlandstipendium”.

Germany is well-known for its excellently trained specialists who contribute to securing our global competitiveness. To retain this position in the long term, we need high-performing and innovative students who are willing to commit their knowledge and potential to Germany as an industrial location.

For us, the “Deutschlandstipendium” is an important investment in the future: We take over social responsibility and can support talented students at an early stage.

BASF awards a total of 200 scholarships annually to excellent and committed students. We are among the top sponsors of this program.

The application process is handled exclusively by universities. After a successful application, universities match each scholar with a sponsor according to their interests and subject in order to establish personal contact. It is not possible to apply directly to BASF.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research, in cooperation with companies like BASF and foundations or university alumni, supports talented students with €300 a month. The government supplies €150 and the cooperation partner, for example BASF, supplies the other €150. One of the features of the scholarship is that it is awarded regardless of students’ income and that of their parents.

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Students of all nationalities studying at German universities who are expected to achieve above-average results during their studies are eligible for a scholarship.

The selection not only depends on technical performance but also on factors like social commitment.

The scholarship is not limited to undergraduate degrees but also covers postgraduate study, part-time or dual study programs, and masters degrees. The scholarship is initially granted for one year. The university then checks whether the students still fulfill the criteria before further support is granted.  

With the “Deutschlandstipendium”, we want to sponsor committed and talented students systematically and at an early stage to make them aware of BASF as an attractive employer.

During the event "Deutschlandstipendium trifft BASF", we offer all new scholars the opportunity to meet other scholarship students, get to know BASF as employer and exchange with BASF employees.
On that occasion, we inform the scholars about possible internships and the opportunity, to write a bachelor- and/or master-thesis at BASF.