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Learn more about BASF solutions for Crop Protection...
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Automotive & Transportation

Greater fuel efficiency, a lower environmental impact, freedom of design as well as greater comfort and safety.
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The Chemicals segment focuses on maintaining and developing BASF’s Production Verbund. BASF’s unique Verbund system of highly integrated production sites offers substantial competitive advantages..
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Is there a high performance insulation that can give you design flexibility as well as energy efficiency? How do you build something that is both durable and sustainable?
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Electronics & Electric

Electronics and Electric (E&E) devices are an inseparable part of our daily lives and will become even more so in the future. At BASF, we connect our innovation with the needs of our customers in the global electronic industry to provide the most advanced chemicals and electronic materials in the E&E value chain.
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Energy & Resources

The continuously rising demand for energy and resources requires us to develop energy solutions that are more sustainable and address the need for energy efficiency and conservation.
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Furniture & Wood

The customers of the furniture and wood processing industry expect not only high quality and performance, but also intelligent solutions to reduce cost, increase production efficiency, so that they can adapt to global market conditions.

Home Care and Industrial & Institutional Cleaning Solutions

BASF´s Home Care and Industrial & Institutional Cleaning Solutions develops, produces and markets a comprehensive range of products for detergent and cleaners worldwide. 
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9 billion people but only one earth: In order to meet the demands of the future global population, we will need to produce more with less resources. How are we going to feed nine billion people in 2050?
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Packaging & Print

Be it preserving the freshness in food, convenient packaging or optimizing costs, we understand the needs of your industry. We focus our innovation on delivering these values and bringing sustainable solutions to you in the packaging and print industry. 
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Paints & Coatings

Innovative and more sustainable solutions help paints and coatings manufacturers to advance their formulations.
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Personal Care & Hygiene

We provide the resources of a global industry leader along with the consumer insights and innovative drive our customers expect. 
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It is often the simple solution that sorts out a complex problem. At BASF, we know that innovation, speed-to-market, and cost-effectiveness are key to pharmaceutical companies.
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Plastics & Rubber

When it comes to high quality, lightweight and high performance materials, BASF defines the path for industries. Using our established knowledge of material science, we provide solutions to your challenges.

Pulp & Paper

BASF is the world’s leading supplier of chemicals to the paper and board industry. Our innovative solutions help papermakers deliver top quality and increase productivity while reducing total cost of operation.
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Textile, Leather & Footwear

Enabling a more sustainable future through innovations