First Responsible Sourcing Report

A look at responsible sourcing at BASF Care Chemicals.

Man working in palm oil garden; Shutterstock ID 530836279; Jobnummer: 022113; Projekt: Präsentation etc.; Endkunde: BASF SE , EM/K , Judith Kirstahler; Sonstiges: BASF SE, GBH/IM, Matthias Baque

The Care Chemicals division's newly published Responsible Sourcing Report (RSR) is an evolution of the existing Palm Progress Report, which has been published annually since 2016.

As part of BASF's commitment to improve sustainability along the entire value chain, the company is working with trusted partners to improve sustainability not only in the oil palm supply chain, but also in other crops. The company has increased its range of certified sustainable products and the RSR is expanding its focus beyond palm (kernel) oil to include coconut oil, castor oil and bio-based materials. The certified sustainable oils and active ingredients presented in the report are just one example of how BASF's Care Chemicals division is facing up to the challenges of the future. Sustainability, digitalization, innovation and new forms of collaboration are the most important cornerstones of Care 360° - Solutions for Sustainable Life.

The full report and further information on BASF's commitment to sustainability can be found here.