Design freedom: next stop of innovation

The automotive instrument panel prototype co-developed by BASF and Yanfeng inspires new ideas in car design.

On the road to Mobility 4.0

The car industry is ready for the biggest revolution in automotive history and has been drawing closer to the IT industry for many years now.

Protect innovations in China

The establishment of a local IP team will provide necessart issurance to enable innovation in China.

Modell neue Acetyleanlage / Model of new acetylene plant

Acetylene: cornerstone of a firm foundation

We process acetylene into many subsequent products at BASF.

Performance materials: a magician changing the world

How does plastics arouse the passion in people? How can plastics change people's lives and begin an imaginative era?

Polyamide-6 powder opens a new era in 3D Printing

BASF’s new polyamide-6 powder is a more economical, energy-saving and efficient solution for industrial design and product development.

Design inspires innovation

Embracing designers from China and the Asia-Pacific region, the new BASF Design Center Asia Pacific narrows the distance between the material and design industries and enrich possibilities for material innovation. 

NAO: accelerating open innovation through successful science collaboration

To expand research and innovation in Asia Pacific, BASF is closely collaborating with the region’s top universities and institutes within the platform of the Network for Advanced Materials Open Research (NAO).

Dr. Hans Reichert (Mitte), Leiter der Farbstoffforschung bei BAS

Flat screens show their true colors

Innovative pigments from BASF improve television image quality.

Stay with the wind

Why can plastic utility poles stand firm and erect in strong typhoon? Besides plastic utility poles, where else can polyurethane composites be applied to?

Robustes Leichtgewicht / Light but robust

World’s lightweight future

From vehicles to rotor blades, from construction to home furnishing… the “lightweighting” trend promoted by the needs of energy efficiency and environment protection, is now everywhere in our life.

Small beads for long distances

New BASF foam InfinergyTM revolutionizes adidas running shoe.

BASF focuses on â  Water Educationâ   amongst student community

Ultrafiltration for clearer water

Multibore® membranes from the BASF subsidiary inge® improve water treatment.