Explore the wonders of chemistry without leaving home

Since its 2002 debut in China, the BASF Kids’ Lab has become a must-go event each summer for children aged 6 to 12. In a cozy and safe atmosphere, children do new experiments by themselves, discover the wonders of chemistry, learn how to protect the environment in a creative way and improve quality of life.

Building on the enthusiasm, to offer children throughout China the chance to experience the fun of chemical experiments anytime and anywhere, the Virtual Lab was launched in June 2016.


Hello! I am Dr. Bubbles!

Welcome to the BASF Virtual Kids’ Lab!

I have prepared three popular Kid’s Lab experiments for you. They are Cleaning Dirty Water, the Red Stain Devil and Looking for the Sender.

  • Ÿ  In Cleaning Dirty Water, you will gain knowledge of the water-recycling process and learn about the importance of saving water.
  • Ÿ  Red Stain Devil explores the secret of laundry and how color-care detergent functions.
  • Ÿ  In Looking for the Sender, you can act as detectives to find who has sent an anonymous invitation with the help of chromatography.

The experiments in the Virtual Lab will be updated continuously.

Let’s explore and have fun in the world of chemistry!

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From kids:

Looking for the Sender is the most fun. I learnt how to separate different colors, just like a detective.

I have done the experiment Cleaning Dirty Water in the Science and Technology Museum. In the Virtual Lab, however, I can do the experiments any time I want. It is like I am having my own laboratory. And after completing different levels, I can get a badge. This is more fun and rewarding.

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From parents:

Experiments in the Virtual Lab are all based on real ones. Kids are guided with interesting stories. Children can learn from the fun. Good!

When I accompanied my kid to participate in Kids’ Lab in the past, I could only wait and watch him. Now with this online version I can do the experiments with my kid, refresh my chemistry knowledge and grow up together with him. Thanks for this big surprise and all the efforts BASF has made in promoting science education to a young generation.  

You have received an invitation to a birthday party. Unfortunately, the sender's name is not on the invitation. So how do you know who has invited you? You have three candidates. Can you find out who is the sender based on their pens?


Please prepare: three felt-tip pens, a pair of scissors, a shallow glass bowl, a large beaker, a stick and paper clip, a pipette and filter paper.

Step 1: Get the pen color from the paper

Cut the invitation into small pieces and put it in the water-filled container. The color will separate from the paper and float in the water.

Step 2: Dot the filter paper

Make a dot on the filter paper with each of the felt-tip pens. Then drizzle a bit of color from the invitation next to it.

Step 3: Wet the filter paper

Wet the paper with the beaker so that it becomes saturated with water. You can affix the filter paper to the beaker with the stick and the paper clip.

Step 4: Look at the color pattern and find the sender

The felt-tip pen colors are water-soluble. If they come into contact with water the individual colors will dissolve, run across the paper with the water and form unique patterns. If the patterns are the same, they come from the same pen.

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