Comprehensive polymer technologies for different waterproofing applications

Waterproofing applications are important in housings, commercial and industrial buildings to protect against water intrusion in bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, swimming pools, basements, etc.


BASF, the leading latex supplier in waterproofing industry, provides comprehensive solutions for cementitious waterproofing, mastic waterproofing technologies with latex technologies under the brand Acronal®, Butofan® and Styrofan®.

Cementitious waterproof coatings are two-component blends that are suitable for waterproofing protection for wet areas, water tanks & swimming pools due to their high bonding strength, affinity to concrete and masonry substrates.

BASF’s portfolio offers comprehensive and greener alternatives that are low VOC, APEO-free, formaldehyde-free and ammonia-free while retaining all essential features.

Mastic waterproof coatings are one-component ready-to-use coatings that can be used over various substrates such as concrete, screed, or tiles. 

Other applications

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