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Intelligent Approach To Meet The Demanding Market Requirement In Paper And Board

The near-future outlook of the coated paper and board market across Asia is looking gloomy due to difficult global economic and geopolitical developments and trade conflicts. Currently, the coated paper and board mills in China are facing the biggest impact of this challenging economic environment due to market over-supply and ever challenging key monomer raw material price fluctuation. In addition to this, the market requirement has not softened but in fact even more emphasis given towards printability and convertibility.  



High Solids Binder, Styronal ® 7926 X, Technology-driven Solutions

BASF is highly committed to the growth and the success of the paper industry. Knowing that these benefits are very crucial for the success of our customers, our R&D team has recently developed Styronal® 7926 X, an important step forward in high coating color solids formulation.

The use of high solids binder in Styronal® 7926 X, will not only enable the customers to realize high technical performance such as, high solids coating recipe, superior runnability, enhanced coated properties and printability but also optimized cost in use commercially. The cost optimization can come from potential reduction in binder-in-use, reduction in energy consumption and logistic cost. 

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Lower Logistic cost

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Lower Energy consumption

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More Sustainable

High coating color solid formulation is the ability to operate the coating recipes above 68% without coater runnability issues. In some highly optimized coating formulation, mills are even able to run the coating formulation up to 72% coating solids. The use of high coating color solid formulation has many added technical and commercial advantages. The coated paper and board benefit does not only limit itself to superior coater runnability but also imparts enhanced coated properties and printability. In addition to this, the total cost in use can be highly optimized. 

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Keeping abreast with the recent stringent regulatory requirements, Styronal® 7926 X complies with GB9685 and with all other relevant standards including European Commission, BfR and FDA.

There are certain limitations in the coating recipes that can be a bottleneck to attain coating formulation with high solids. The typical solid content of binder currently available is around 50%, which can be a bottleneck for high solids coating formulation in certain mills, where all other coating ingredients are highly optimized.

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Developing Styronal® 7926 X has not been an easy task. BASF`s R&D team has taken an innovative technical approach to address this challenging task, where deployment of optimized monomer feeding technology in combination with innovative choice of colloidal stabilization to polymerize binder with a solid content reaching above 55%.  

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