Si-Zero Conditioner, Nutrients Infused

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Mind the gap!

Is silicone-free, still hot? You may wonder, as the claim has been in the market for years. Before we come up with an answer , let’s take a quick look at the  consumer market . “Clean beauty” is popular nowadays in the Asian personal care market and goes beyond natural/organic, reflecting high demand  for transparency about  ingredients used in personal care products.  Under clean beauty, according to Euromonitor, consumers are looking into different aspects of products such as safety, transparency, gentle, free from and simplicity. The pursuit for clean beauty is clearly visible  in hair care in Asia Pacific, according to Mintel, e.g. 66% of China consumers associate clean beauty with “free-from” claims and silicone-free ranks  among the top 4 claims in  new hair care product launches in the region.

However, Mind the gap! Silicone-free conditioners are lagging behind the market. There were more silicone-free shampoos launched in the APAC market than silicone-free conditioners in past years, mainly due to technical challenges, meanwhile indicating opportunities.

Close the Gap! A systematic study done by BASF – our answer to the “is silicone-free, still hot?” question

Personalized Solution for Si-Zero Conditioner, Nutrients Infused


For dry & hard hair

Volume-up weightless gloss 

For thin & loose hair

Revival & nutri boost silky

For damaged hair

Scalp detox & antioxidant

For healthy virgin hair

Fresh soothe

For oily hair

Soft & wavy

For natural curled / permed

Si-Zero conditioner, nutrients infused