VIP SAP Ariba Portal

For our suppliers of technical goods and services, the VIP solution is provided by the company SAP Ariba. 

As supplier, you can look forward to a variety of benefits:

  • End-to-end transparency allows you to access the latest PO changes at any time; sources of data entry errors and mismatches are eliminated:
    Information is updated within minutes; we and you see the same information worldwide and around the clock; no more need to sort through paper PO changes
  • Better payment on time; payment status is always transparent:
    Mismatches between PO and invoice are avoided; you can check the status of your invoices yourself (similar to what some suppliers already do in World Account today)
  • Digitalized connection to a lot of customers:
    Being one of the largest digital business networks in the world, the Ariba Network is used by many companies. The portal therefore offers you the opportunity to connect to other customers as well as to acquire new customers.

This is what the purchase-to-pay process looks like when using VIP:


In future, order confirmations (if agreed upon) or changes as well as invoices are created directly from the PO via the portal. That ensures a transparent process free of errors and mismatches for you and us.

And this is how the transition works:

The onboarding process contains three steps:

  1. If you as a BASF supplier for indirect procurement have a yearly PO count within or above double-digit range, we will contact you via e-mail and you will have the opportunity to inform yourself of the transition by attending the Ariba Network supplier summit. In case you have already been contacted by us, please click the according link in our e-mail to register for one of these online sessions.
  2. A few weeks later, SAP Ariba will send you a registration link and will guide you step by step through the registration on the portal. For an overview over the Ariba Network registration process, please have a look at the chart below.
  3. Afterwards, we and SAP Ariba will need some time for the configuration of your account. Before the first BASF order will be sent via the portal, you will receive a go-live message containing important information about the final transition steps.
    Please note: VIP is rolled out in monthly waves taking the various BASF companies one by one. If you are a supplier for several different BASF companies, you will therefore have a transition phase during which you will receive POs via the portal from some companies, while still receiving them via the former way from others. We will of course send you a separate go-live message before the go-live of each company on the portal.



If you are new on the Ariba Network, you have also to agree to the Terms and Conditions of SAP Ariba. If you have any questions regarding the T & C, please contact your SAP Ariba support team.




Now you have completed your registration and are ready to get started. Make sure to configure your document routing and enter your tax and bank details. You can also create as many accounts as needed for your organization.

Further information and contacts:

For further information, please have a look at the collected links and documentations on the right side of the screen. In case of questions, the VIP-Onboarding-Team is happy to support you.