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在巴斯夫,我們對化學和客戶充滿熱情。為了成為客戶心目中世界領先的化工公司,我們將實現獲利性成長並為社會創造價值。藉由我們的專業知識、創新、企業家精神以及我們強大的一體化(Verbund)整合優勢,我們的產品對改善世界有重要貢獻。這是我們的目標,也是推動我們向前以及我們最擅長的事: 創造化學新作用,追求永續發展的未來。

現今,在人口變化和數位化新技術的推動下,世界正在以前所未有的速度變化。 由於自然資源有限,加上氣候變遷以及全球人口成長的需求,我們在不同產業和地區的客戶面臨各種社會和環境挑戰。 化學是解決許多挑戰的關鍵。 透過結合我們獨特的專業知識與客戶的專長, 我們可以共同開發具獲利性、創新性和永續性的解決方案來因應這些全球挑戰。

Our corporate purpose

We create chemistry for a sustainable future

Our mission and motivation is to grow profitably and make a positive contribution to society and the environment. For example, BASF’s solutions contribute to climate protection and help to prevent or recycle waste, produce healthy and affordable food, and enable climate-smart mobility.

At the same time, as an energy and resource-intensive company, we are facing what is probably the biggest transformation in our over 150-year history: The shift toward a carbon-neutral and circular economy and the associated landmarks such as the European Green Deal demand from us new concepts and approaches – for the way we produce, for our raw material base and for our energy supply.

We also see these disruptive changes as an opportunity. As the world’s largest chemical company, we want to lead the way and actively and responsibly shape the change. That is why we are gradually switching our energy and raw material supplies to renewable sources. We are strengthening our Verbund structure as the basis for resource-efficient, safe and reliable production. We are developing pioneering low-carbon production processes for our products. We are accelerating our innovation processes and deepening cooperation with partners to develop high-performance products that also require fewer resources and have a lower carbon footprint. We are harnessing the many opportunities of digitalization. We are systematically aligning our portfolio with growth areas and future technologies, and are integrating sustainability into our value chains even more strongly. We create a working environment in which our employees can thrive and contribute to BASF’s long-term success. This is how we live our corporate purpose.


客戶是我們的第一要務。我們希望透客戶的視角來檢視我們所做的一切。 巴斯夫為全球各地大約10萬個客戶1 提供產品和服務。我們的客戶群涵蓋全球型客戶、中型企業到終端消費者。






1 The number of customers refers to all external companies (sold-to parties) that had contracts with the BASF Group in the business year concerned under which sales were generated.