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Notice Under California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”)

Thank you for visiting a BASF website or using a BASF mobile application, platform, or online service!  Please be aware that by visiting that website or downloading or accessing that mobile application and using that platform or online service, BASF will be collecting certain general information about you and your internet activity for specific business purposes.  Additionally, if you enter your personal information, for instance by downloading a mobile application, signing up for a platform or online service, requesting information or communication in order to learn more about BASF products or services, making purchases, or initiating other business transactions or requests with BASF, BASF will be collecting that personal information about you.  For a description of the information collected about you and the business purposes for which that information is used, please review BASF’s Privacy Policy, which may be accessed here:

If you are a Worker for BASF and are visiting this site in relation to the collection of information for internal BASF or employment purposes, your information is being collected and used for the purposes set out in the BASF California Privacy Requirement and related Company Privacy Requirement.  You can access a copy of both these documents online at the Company Requirements page.  Please note you must be connected to the BASF network in order to access these documents.