Dispersions, Resins and Additives

High Performance Additives for Lithium-ion Batteries

BASF is the leading company for performance and formulation additives, which performance have been recognized by various industries. Meanwhile, BASF has comprehensive evaluation methods for additives and test equipment for electrochemistry performance, we aim to providing premium products and service to battery customers.


  • Additives for cathode active materials: disperse cathode active materials with a much narrower particle size distribution, which increase solid content and improves batch to batch consistency during the slurry production
  • Additives for anode slurry: improve wetting property of anode slurry and reduce coating defects
  • Additives for separator coating: improve dispersion of fillers in separator coating and wetting property to PP/PE film
  • Additives for conductive materials: improve dispersion of conductive materials and enhance conductivity of electrode
  • All BASF battery additive products have stable electrochemical property 

Customer Benefits

  • Global production footprint to support customer development
    (Greater China, European, USA)
  • Regular product iteration to match customer’s needs
  • Comprehensive technical support and service
  • Reduce product carbon footprint, realize sustainable development
  • Information sharing with strategic partner with customize product and service