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Construction Solutions


Safe, long lasting, and cost-effective solutions

Today’s infrastructure construction methods require technologies that maximize the value of infrastructure spending. Whether you are looking for pavement preservation for asphalt roads, concrete bridge deck overlays, high-performance traffic paints, or other infrastructure applications, BASF is here to help with a full portfolio of dispersions, resins, and additives.

Motorists pay a high cost on rough roads

According to a recently published study by TRIP1, 33% of the nation's major urban roads are rated in poor condition. The average motoris in the U.S. is losing $599 annually in additional vehicle operating costs due to poor driving conditions. 

Facts & figures

  • Every $1 of deferred maintenance on roads and bridges costs an additional $4 - $5 in needed future repairs. 
  • Stress on vehicles increases in proportion to the level of pavement roughness accelerating the need of repairs and the pace of vehicle depreciation. 
  • Reconstructing roads costs approximately four times more than resurfacing them.

How can we help?

Have a question about BASF's polymers and additives? Contact our experts.
1TRIP, the nonprofit organization that researches and distributes economic and technical data on transportation issues recently published the national Urban Roads Report. The report highlights the the poor conditions of urban streets and highways, the need for additional funding, and most importantly the need and benefits of proactive pavement preservation.

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Bridge decking

Bridge deck deterioration is a major problem wherever de-icing salts are used. Modifying the concrete with latex is critical to extending the life of a bridge. 
road in mountains

Pavement preservation

Polymer innovation is the driving force behind asphalt roads performing better and lasting longer. 
Urban asphalt road and modern buildings with river in Hangzhou at night

Pavement markings

BASF combines high quality and technical expertise to help you create pavement markings that are safer and friendlier for all.

Industry Insights


Better bond coats pave the way for cost-effective asphalt overlays

Boost your bond coat emulsions and create stronger glue for pavements with this styrene-acrylic polymer
urban traffic street in city of China.

With traffic paints, there’s a time and place for crosslinking

Traffic paints must stay stable until it’s time to dry — very, very quickly. Here’s how they do it.
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Extending the lifespan of bridge decks with an SBR latex

How latex modified concrete made with STYROFAN® 1186 helps bridges last longer and saves millions of dollars in repair costs.
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Quiz: How much do you know about cape seal technology?

Learn the basics of cape seals (or show off your knowledge!) with this short educational quiz.
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BASF achieves 25 years with zero lost time injuries at Chattanooga, Tennessee site

BASF’s site located near Amnicola Highway in Chattanooga, Tennessee recently achieved 25 years with zero lost time injuries. 
Dark blue big rig semi truck fleet with shiny chrome details and dry van semi trailer transporting industrial cargo on winter snowy road with concrete fence and snow on the shoulder.

Birthday parties, ham sandwiches and other reasons for pavement preservation

The nation's roads are more important than we may realize. How can science help?