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Asphalt Polymer Innovations

At BASF, we are committed to helping our customers create roads that are safer, long lasting, and more cost effective. We are proud to partner with the pavement industry to develop chemistry that meet the highest highway standards and preserves today’s roads for tomorrow.

Polymer innovation is the driving force behind asphalt roads performing better and lasting longer. If you're in the country, city, or somewhere in between, pavement preservation with systematic scheduled maintenance programs are a must. BASF polymers will help protect and extend pavement service life, promote safer road conditions, and prevent structural failure. 

Whether you want to polymer modify slurry applications for preservation, make thin overlays for maintenance, open graded friction course for driver safety, porous asphalt for conservation, or want to improve strength and reduce tracking of bond coat emulsions, BASF technologies can help. 

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I-485 Thin Lift Overlay


Pavement preservation includes a wide range of applications to protect engineered roads and extend service life. From filling small cracks and voids to complete thin lift overlays, BASF offers polymer solutions for all types of asphalt maintenance. 



Butonal® styrene butadiene polymers have been helping engineers and the public transportation community improve the performance of pavement surface treatments and asphalt mix maintenance overlays for over 30 years. Acronal® acrylic polymers are the lasting innovation in asphalt applications. 

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We continue to innovate, so you continue to succeed. Innovation is a core value at BASF and we strive to collaborate with our customers by providing them a network of robust information. Browse additional resources and industry associations. 


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BASF’s site located near Amnicola Highway in Chattanooga, Tennessee recently achieved 25 years with zero lost time injuries.

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