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Asphalt Storm Cloud

Chip Seal

Chip sealing surface treatments cost effectively extend the service life of existing pavement by filling small cracks and voids and providing new surface course with improved traction.

Acronal Tack Seal

Fog Seal

A low cost, preventative maintenance application to enhance the road surface, reduce raveling, and extend the surface life of the pavement.

Micro Surfacing

Micro surfacing treatments extend the service life of existing pavement by waterproofing the pavement base and sub-base and improving the ride quality of the road surface.                                                                   

Slurry Seal

Reduced Tracking Bond Coats

Reduced tracking bond coats are light and even distribution of an asphalt emulsion applied during resurfacing to provide an adhesive bond between asphalt layers.

I-485 Thin Lift Overlay

Thin Lift Overlays

Thin lift asphalt overlays are a maintenance application utilized to extend the surface life of existing pavement. Typically these overlays are <1 inch in thickness. Latex polymers improve the performance of thin HMA applications.                                                                    

Fog Sealing

Slurry Seal

Slurry sealing is a preventative maintenance surface treatment that seals the asphalt pavement and improves the texture of the road surface.