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Thin lift overlay

Thin lift asphalt overlays are utilized in maintenance programs to extend the surface life of existing pavement. The paver-placed asphalt mix product is manufactured at a central asphalt mix plant adhering to the asphalt mix design specifications. Mix designs can be open graded or dense graded. The finished pavement product is generally 1 inch or less in thickness. A typical asphalt maintenance overlay has an expected service life of up to 10 years. Thin lift asphalt maintenance overlays are placed with a conventional asphalt paver and include both steel and rubber tire rollers.

NOTE - Existing engineered pavements receiving these surface treatment applications must show no signs of base or sub-base failures and have minimal surface distress. Applications should be on dry and clean pavements only. Applications should only performed with ambient temperatures of 50° F or higher, and no forecasts of rainfall within 48 hours of completion. Aggregates should be tested for proper gradation, cleanliness and compatibility with the proposed liquid asphalt binder.