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Construction Solutions

Reduced tracking bond coats

Bond coats, commonly referred to as tack coats, are a light and even distribution of an asphalt emulsion applied during resurfacing which provide an adhesive bond between asphalt layers. Polymer modified bond coats reduce the tracking to ensure the emulsion stays in place during construction. The bond coats improve the adhesive strength to reduce raveling and help prevent failures.

This adhesive asphalt layer is placed between applications of old and new asphalt mix to prevent slippage and provide a strong bond to the old surface. Asphalt emulsions are the preferred bond coat. Compared to hot asphalt, emulsions more easily penetrate the micro surface of the old pavement to improve the bond between hot mix layers. Emulsions are also produced at lower temperatures resulting in reduced emissions and improved eco-efficiency. Additional performance improvements can be obtained with the polymer modification of these asphalt emulsions.