Construction Solutions

Pavement preservation products

Photo from Interstate 485 in Charlotte, NC. Application of BASF Acronal NX 4627 acrylic resin applied on construction site.
Thin lift overlay being applied to I-485 in Charlotte, NC.

Polymers for modified asphalt

BASF offers a wide range of polymer dispersions for asphalt modification designed to enhance the mechanical properties of pavements resulting in greater durability, increased driving comfort, reduced road maintenance costs, and less impact on the environment. BASF is the global leader in the supply of high solids SBR polymer dispersions for all types of asphalt paving applications.

Our high performance Butonal® asphalt modifiers set the industry standard and help customers to meet and exceed agency specifications. The latest Acronal® technology is now recognized as the leading polymer modification for fog seals and reduced tracking bond coats. Acronal polymers improve the durability of fog seals and reduce the wheel tracking in tack coat applications. 

By providing consistent, high quality products, customers can easily meet their binder and mix performance requirements.