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Technical support

BASF's global center of excellence for asphalt polymer and additives modification.

BASF's Charlotte Technical Center (CTC) is a global center of excellence for asphalt latex polymer and additives modification. The CTC is BASF's divisional headquarters for product and system research and development, and customer technical sales, service, and marketing support. BASF is a worldwide leader in the supply of styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) and acrylic latex polymers for asphalt modification. Our products, which are used globally, provide outstanding performance in asphalt applications. In addition, BASF is the only high solids latex polymer manufacturer in the U.S. active in research and product development covering asphalt emulsion and hot mix paving.

Research and development

BASF's R&D and technical customer service laboratories provide a broad portfolio of services for our asphalt emulsion and hot mix asphalt paving customers:

  • Formulation and production of unmodified and polymer-modified asphalt emulsions in-house in our pilot mill
  • Full testing of emulsion liquid and recovered residue properties;
  • Chip seal, slurry and micro surfacing emulsion system performance testing;
  • Complete Superpave SHRP "Plus" hot mix asphalt binder testing; and,
  • Latex polymer evaluation for asphalt modification.