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Pavement and traffic markings

Polymers and additives for traffic paint

Pavement markings are a critical aspect of roadway safety, indicating traffic lane usage and providing important information about roadway conditions ahead. Highly visible and long-lasting traffic paints need to withstand demanding traffic and weather conditions. BASF combines high quality and technical expertise to help you create pavement markings that are safer and friendlier for all.

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ACRONAL®  Xpress 4347

ACRONAL Xpress 4347 is an all-acrylic copolymer designed to increase drying time and durability in traffic paints and pavement markings. ACRONAL Xpress 4347 supports on-the-job efficiency by offering fast dry times and early rain resistance while also providing high-strength durability and meeting stringent performance requirements.

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ACRONAL Xpress 4347 - Superior performance for pavement markings


With traffic paints, there’s a time and place for crosslinking

Traffic paints must stay stable until it’s time to dry — very, very quickly. Here’s how they do it.

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