Construction Solutions

Cellulosic tape

Polymers, binders and additives for cellulosic tape applications

From nuanced artistic expression to the walls and halls of homes and businesses, cellulose/paper based tapes stick, hold, peel and protect to bring color and accomplishment to the world. 

For decades, BASF has created chemistry to bring strength and reliability to the tapes we rely on every day. And, as long as there are walls to paint, boxes to pack, artwork to display, assignments to remember, and projects to be done, we’ll keep creating chemistry that you can count on.

BASF’s line of polymers for cellulosic/paper substrates improve tear strength, tensile strength, elongation, flexibility, film forming and enhance barrier properties. Our chemistry elevates cellulosic tape performance for a wide array of end use markets, including general purpose, painters, industrial, packaging and medical. With more than decades of experience, we have developed unmatched and unique expertise with styrene butadiene, styrene acrylic and acrylic polymers for cellulosic tape applications.