Construction Solutions

Air barrier coatings

Polymers and additives for fluid-applied air barrier coatings

The air barrier is an integral component of an effective building envelope, allowing architects and builders to meet energy efficiency goals and building codes requirements. With the continual shift to more stringent building codes, architects and contractors alike are looking for resilient air barrier solutions to help achieve their new building designs.

In a recent survey of installers and general contractors, 62% of applicators use fluid-applied air barrier coatings.*

BASF’s diverse range of dispersion and formulation additive chemistries for air barrier coatings offer great flexibility to the formulator when choosing the right combination of ingredients to achieve the high quality and performance they depend on.

BASF polymer solutions for air barriers offer:

  • Broad range of dispersion polymers and additives for both permeable and impermeable air barrier coating formulations
  • Excellent low-temperature flexibility performance of formulated air barrier coatings
  • Low water absorption rates
  • Superior tensile and elongation properties
  • Sustainable water-based, low VOC chemistry
  • Non-APEO and non-ammonia containing