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Air Weather Barrier Coatings

Strength and durability that lasts

With the volatile weather patterns that are increasingly unpredictable and weather disaster repair costs reaching all-time highs, it’s no surprise how important it is for air weather barriers to withstand whatever the future holds.

The new standard

Our diverse chemistry of dispersions and additives for air weather barrier coatings offers great flexibility to the formulator in choosing the right polymer. These raw materials are the building blocks to developing high performance air weather barrier coatings that span the spectrum of permeability and performance.

The benefits of our products

  • Sustainable water based, low VOC chemistry
  • Flexibility of polymer choice for highly impermeable to highly permeable Air Weather Barrier coatings
  • Compatible with Quick-Trigger® additive for early rain resistance
  • Season extension and fast cure times to help increase profitability

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Formulation additives for construction

We offer a wide range of thickeners, dispersants, defoamers and wetting agents for your construction formulation needs.