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Flexible Roof Coatings

The brighter way to better roofs

Navigating the complex combinations of primers,  substrates and application techniques has always been a challenge in the roof coatings industry and Mother Nature isn't making it any easier. With each region facing different climate challenges the demand for a fast-curing roof coating is of paramount importance. 

Introducing a new level of BRILLIANCE™

The BRILLIANCE familiy of acrylics and additives for reflective roof coatings provide a superior way for builders to reduce the amount of heat that is typically absorbed by traditional asphalt roofs. The result is brighter, smarter roofs that benefit both the environment adn the building. 

The benefits of BRILLIANCE™

  • Sustainable water-based, low-VOC chemistry
  • UV resistance reduces your building's temperature for increased energy efficiency.
  • High-performance chemistry allows for adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. 
  • Easy to install with a wide tolerance to variation
  • Meets challenging formulation demands for an array of substrates
  • Season extension and fast cure times to help increase profitability.

The Smartest Roofs Under the Sun

BRILLIANCE Acrylics and Additives for Reflective Roof Coatings

Designed for for success, the BRILLIANCE line is formulated to comply with rigorous performance and regulatory standards across a wide range of substrates. 

Raising the roof (coating standards)

An updated ASTM specification for roof coatings paves the way for more product innovation in the industry.

Science behind white roof coating helps roofers extend season

Discussed: instant set white roof coatings, cost savings, lower environmental risk, and one person’s love of a good challenge.

Formulation additives for construction

We offer a wide range of thickeners, dispersants, defoamers and wetting agents for your construction formulation needs