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Flooring covering solutions

At BASF, we bring innovative products and formulation solutions to help you produce high performance flooring adhesives, as well as soft surface and hard floor surface coverings.

From broadloom carpet, carpet tile, rugs and turf, to luxury vinyl tile and hard wood floors, we can help provide superior performance for your products and add value for your customers.




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Flooring adhesives

Our raw materials help create advanced adhesives for today’s diverse flooring market, ensuring smooth installation, meeting strict performance requirements and providing strength and durability that will last.

Flooring: Wood Kitchen

Hard surfaces

Our products meet the manufacturing needs of hard surface flooring, including UV coatings for improve scratch resistance, DOTP for vinyl modification, and urethanes for stronger adhesion.


Soft surfaces

Our acrylix binders and additives are designed to provide superior performance in a broad spectrum of soft flooring surfaces including carpet, rugs and turf.