Construction Solutions

Mortar modification

Polymers and additives for latex modified mortar and concrete

Mortar and concrete are some of the most commonly used construction materials in commercial, industrial and residential applications, supporting in the construction and maintenance of building foundations, walls, floors, columns, highways, bridge decks and parking garages.

Mortars are also used in thin-set adhesives for tiles, cementitious coatings over EPS foam moldings, waterproofing membranes, EIFS basecoats, skim coats, self levelling for under and overlayments and patch systems for repairing old, cracked or damaged concrete elements arising from long-term exposure to weather, structural settling and ground movements.

To achieve ground-breaking formulations with outstanding workability, pot life, strength, flexibility and adhesion, your system needs state-of the art raw materials. BASF offers an extensive range of advanced latex polymers and additives to enhance the performance and durability of your cementitious formulations while reducing energy consumption and increasing efficiency.