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Licity® – the secret ingredient for Li-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are the centerpiece of e-mobility. The technology has a lot to offer. But it also comes to its limits.

Those limits regarding low temperature performance or cycle stability can be overcome by adding a “secret ingredient” into the anode mix. The secret ingredient Licity®.


Our range of Licity® anode binders helps to improve the performance of Li-ion batteries. They are easy to apply on both lab as well as production scale.


Processability – easy dosing

Being a 50% water-based dispersion, Licity® can simply be poured in during the anode slurry mixing process. 

Broad compatibility 

One benefit of our new anode binder series is its compatibility with both pure graphite and silicone containing anode active materials, with typical co-binder likes CMC and with conductive agents like carbon black, graphen, carbon nanotubes, etc. 

High colloidal stability

Licity® binder distinguish themselves by their excellent colloidal stability and miscibility. Reduced danger of coagulation enables shorter mixing times and stabler slurries.


Are you looking for more technical information about Licity® or do you want to test yourself? Please feel free to reach out to our expert Christian Brand.

Christian Brand
Christian Brand
Senior Technical Manager Licity®

“Licity® binders are an easy way for battery manufacturers to boost their cell performance. But there is more: Licity® is additionally the promise to support our customers along the complete production process from raw materials to cell testing.”

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