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Licity® – the secret ingredient for Li-ion batteries

Licity® – industrial coating simulation on a small scale

While the slot die applies the slurry precisely onto the copper foil, Licity® anode binders enable a surface free of defects. The multi-zone drying section of the MPLC generates optimal drying conditions to prevent binder migration while maximizing productivity.


Precise coating process simulation on a small scale

Step 1: The slot die is brought into position. The anode slurry is carefully dosed into the slot die utilizing a constant flow rate. 

Step 2: The anode slurry is applied onto the copper foil. This step is successful if the resulting coating layer is free of defects with precisely defined edges. 

Step 3: The coated foil is dried according to a defined temperature profile. 

Step 4: Fresh out of the oven, but not quite finished yet: the coated foil is rewound for further processing after a short cooldown time.


The clou

“This whole process runs fully automated. Countless sensors and measuring instruments throughout the MPLC monitor the progress and quality of the coating procedure. The clou is that these parameters including the drying profile are transferrable to optimize customers’ production lines as well”, explains Christian Brand, Senior Technical Manager Licity®.


Are you looking for more technical information about Licity® or about our development and testing capabilities? Please feel free to reach out to our expert Christian Brand.

Christian Brand
Christian Brand
Senior Technical Manager Licity®

“Licity® binders are an easy way for battery manufacturers to boost their cell performance. But there is more: Licity® is additionally the promise to support our customers along the complete production process from raw materials to cell testing.”

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