Dispersions, Resins and Additives

Licity® – the secret ingredient for Li-ion batteries

Calendering – the finishing touch

Calendering is the essential step to compact the anode coating, resulting in stronger adhesion to the copper foil and improved cycling behavior.


High pressure improvement

“Here we can see a finished anode. The black substance is the calendered anode coating. It firmly adheres to the copper foil”, explains Christian Brand, Senior Technical Manager Licity®.


The finishing touch

Visually, the calendering changes the anode coating from matte to shiny. Performance-wise, calendering improves adhesion, energy density and cycling behavior.

For this process, it is crucial that the calender enables a constant compacting both in machine and cross direction. This is ensured by a sophisticated software which controls nip width and loading at any point in time. 

Please reach out to our battery expert Christian Brand if you are looking for more information about our testing capabilities.

Christian Brand
Christian Brand
Senior Technical Manager Licity®

“Licity® binders are an easy way for battery manufacturers to boost their cell performance. But there is more: Licity® is additionally the promise to support our customers along the complete production process from raw materials to cell testing.”

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