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Tinuvin CarboProtect

Where fashion meets function

Tinuvin® CarboProtect® is a UV absorber specifically developed to protect carbon fiber reinforced materials (CFRMs) and other UV-sensitive substrates from UV and near visible light. Tinuvin CarboProtect enables the use of clear coatings over CFRMS so they may be designed as a structural element in automotive, watercraft, sporting goods, renewable energy platforms, and other decorative/fashion industries. 

CFRMs are distinguished by their very high strength and low weigh relative to metals such as aluminum and steel. These characteristics make them a material of choice for high performance items such as cars, aircraft, boats, roter blades of wind turbines, etc. Until recently, the long-term external exposure of CFRMs simply wasn't possible without additional layers pigmented coating, because the aromatic epoxy matrix in which the carbon fiber weave is embedded is sensitive to sunlight. 

Tinuvin CarboProtect in a coating provides superior and longer lasting protection for CFRMs or other UV-sensitive substrates. It also creates a variety of new design options: 

  • The use of stylistic high performance structural material.
  • An opportunity to display the various weave patterns of carbon fiber. 
  • The black color of the CFRM is an accommodating base for clear coats tinted with transparent color pigments and sparkling effect pigments enabling decorative and stylistic features. 
Physical Properties  
Appearance yellow powder

Melting point

(92/69/EEC A. 1 DSC)

132 - 136 °C (270 - 277 °F)
Butyl acetate (CAS 123-86-4) ≥ 25%
Solvesso 1001 ≥ 50%
Mass Transit

Industries & Applications

Tinuvin CarboProtect blends both fashion and function which creates new opportunities of style and use.