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Change for climate

Change for the climate

Our goal is net-zero emissions by 2050. How is that possible for a company in the energy-intensive chemical industry? It’s ambitious, for sure. But we’re confident we can get there. That’s because, in our pursuit of change, we’re leaving no stone unturned, questioning everything that can be questioned, and finding inspiration in surprising places.

A detailed roadmap to ensure we act with rigor.


We have an established track record in reducing our global CO2 emissions. Since 1990, we’ve almost halved them. And, by 2030, we want to reduce our emissions by a quarter compared to 2018. By 2050, in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement, we’re aiming for net-zero CO­2 emissions1

1 The goal includes Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. Other greenhouse gases are converted into CO2 equivalents according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Watch us, we are changing.


Find out how BASF is changing to protect the climate: