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Supplier Diversity

Wayne T. Smith

Our Commitment

"At BASF, supplier diversity is key to our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

We recognize the value of our diverse supplier base to meet customer requirements in an innovative and differentiated way.

The opportunities to drive increased value for our customers, our people and our local communities are significant."

Wayne T. Smith
Chairman & CEO BASF Corporation

Our mission

BASF is committed to give diverse suppliers equal access to potential business opportunities and growing successful business relationships with increasing numbers of qualified minority, women, LGBT and veteran-owned suppliers. Fulfilling this commitment is important to our increasingly diverse consumer base, the communities in which we operate and consistent with BASF’s drive towards Diversity & Inclusion.

As the world’s leading Chemical company, we recognize the opportunities and challenges of Supplier Diversity.

In addition to delivering innovation, agility, market insights and cost savings, diverse suppliers are an extension of our values, and enhances our capabilities to meet the needs of our customers. The diverse suppliers are the local engines of growth which help to create jobs and foster economic development in communities where we live and work

BASF value chain includes raw materials which have large volumes or specialty materials and hence often a challenge to source. We are committed and continue to seek opportunities to include diverse suppliers. The Supplier Diversity program seeks to grow year on year and demonstrate improvement in our engagement with diverse suppliers.

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From pipeline to naphtha to ethanol; technical services, equipment's, business services, cargo container to site supplies, our procurement activities include nearly everything that’s needed for the BASF value chains. We collaborate with competitive suppliers who add value for BASF and our customers.

Call to Action:

For suppliers doing business with us, or interested in doing business, please register with us via our supplier portal.

  • Already Certified (Recognized Certifications) – Register and upload your Certificate to our Diverse Supplier Portal maintained by CVM Solutions.
  • Want to be Certified – Reach out and seek one of our recognized certifications (see below), best aligned with your diversity status.

For any questions to register or seek certifications, please reach out to us at BASF_NA_SupplierDiversity@basf.com

Recognized Certifications


Upcoming Supplier Diversity Events

Diverse Supplier Engagement

BASF actively engages with diverse suppliers through various channels including participation in national and regional conference led by customers and advocating/certifying agencies.

For 2020 we can meet you virtually at any upcoming planned event. Please also reach out to us BASF_NA_SupplierDiversity@basf.com for any questions.

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