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Who we are

Unity loves Diversity

At BASF, we understand that diversity—of people, experience, and perspective--is paramount to the success of our business and to the achievement of our status as an employer and partner of choice.

A Competitive Advantage

North America is one of the most diverse markets in the world. To best reflect and serve this exciting market, we aim to be an attractive employer and to provide our customers with contacts who are used to dealing with diverse requirements. We view diversity as a clear competitive edge in the global economy.

All employees have the same opportunities at our company, regardless of their sex, nationality, educational background or cultural heritage. Diversity creates openness – to cultural and demographic changes within the company – and to the needs and wishes of our customers. It also leads to innovation. Diverse cultural backgrounds, individual perspectives, experience, ways of thinking and approaches help us solve problems faster and more creatively.

While our competitors can try to replicate our products and technologies, the aspect of BASF chemistry that is most uniquely our own is the powerful combination of our people and their ideas.

Wayne T. Smith, CEO and Chairman, BASF Corporation:

“At BASF, we believe in the power of diversity and inclusion to create rich connections with our people, our customers and our communities. Individuals with different backgrounds and experiences bring new ideas and perspectives to the table. Diversity makes us stronger, and leveraging our differences enables us to bring the best of BASF to everything we do.”

Employee Groups

Communities are important because they create a sense of belonging. At BASF, employee groups help our employees network with co-workers with similar interests and backgrounds, build knowledge and skills, and learn more about markets and customers.

Supplier Diversity

BASF is building a world-class supplier base that reflects the markets and customers we serve. Our Supplier Diversity Program is designed to promote and strengthen relationships with minority and women-owned businesses, and those with significant minority and female representation.