Who we are

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Our promise to our customers, industry, society and each other is to deliver our best.

We can only do that by being open to the full range of experiences and perspectives that our differences provide. Diversity and Inclusion are cornerstones of our corporate values of creativity, openness, responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit.

BASF’s Diversity and Inclusion programs foster an inclusive workplace encouraging real engagement among all our employees to help us deliver on our aspiration to be the leading chemical company for our customers.

At BASF, we all belong to something bigger. #belongatBASF

Diversity & Inclusion in Geismar

At our Geismar site, diversity and inclusion are top priorities.

We offer numerous Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to ensure our employees feel like they belong and have the opportunity to network with people who share similar interests.

BASF also provides a Quiet Room in which employees of all faiths or no religious affiliation at all are welcome to utilize for prayer, meditation and the opportunity to seek calm.

The Geismar sites have three Mother’s Rooms available for complete with a refrigerator. This area is private, quiet and includes counter space and a cozy chair.

As we continue moving forward, we are learning of additional needs required to create a welcoming and comfortable work environment for everyone.

Accountability starts at the top.

BASF understands Diversity and Inclusion are business enablers – that’s why we track and share our progress quarterly in:

  • Creating and executing business unit plans to drive Inclusion
  • Each business unit having an Inclusion Champion to amplify our efforts
  • Supporting a clear path to 'get the basics right' when it comes to the infrastructure, facilities, and work practices foundational to D+I
  • Owning accountability for results in company Inclusion surveys

50 percent of candidates interviewed for roles must be diverse, and 50 percent of the people doing the interviewing at BASF must be diverse. We want to form the best team, and these requirements help to ensure we are interviewing all highly qualified, top candidates without unconscious bias getting in the way.

BASF’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy is championed through a Diversity and Inclusion Council that also serves as an Inclusion Steering Committee on the BASF North American Leadership Team.

We're All Accountable

An inclusive work environment that values the diversity of our employees’ talents, experiences and ideas leads to more innovation and higher performance for our customers. BASF’s focus on people has helped establish a culture that attracts, develops and retains diverse talent.

How We Advance D+I

From key partnerships with universities and associations to employee resources groups, mentorship, and work in the community, BASF is not just talking the talk – it is walking the walk of a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Attracting Talent

We seek the best talent from all sources – leading universities, business connections, trade associations, national diversity conferences, partnerships to hire veterans, and referrals from our own employees.