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The BASF Brand

We want BASF to be seen as a leading brand in the chemical industry. Our corporate purpose – We create chemistry for a sustainable future – and our values together form the basis of BASF’s brand value proposition.

This is connectedness, which embodies one of BASF’s core strengths: our Verbund concept. The BASF Verbund is what makes innovative solutions for a sustainable future possible. We want to communicate this worldwide and make it tangible.

The claim “We create chemistry,” as stated in the BASF logo, helps us embed our solution-oriented strategy and our expertise in the public perception. Wherever our stakeholders encounter our brand, we want to convince them that BASF stands for innovation and sustainability. This builds trust with our customers, contributes to our reputation and to our company value. We regularly measure our brand and communication success. This gives us relevant and meaningful insights into how the BASF brand is perceived among target groups. This enables us to further refine the brand profile and develop strategies and measures to continually improve our brand status.