BASF Venture Capital GmbH

BASF Group's Corporate Venture Capital company invests in start-ups and funds worldwide.

BASF Venture Capital GmbH invests in young, innovative companies to develop new technologies and business ideas for the BASF Group. BASF Venture Capital also pursues financial goals.

We invest in start-up companies and venture capital funds the world over. Our investments focus on highly promising, innovative, chemistry-based technologies and new materials with favorable market opportunities. BASF Venture Capital strives to acquire equity stakes worth between 1 million and 5 million euros. The company prefers to invest in start-up companies which

  • promise to deliver innovations for the BASF Group's existing fields of activities
  • work in BASF New Business GmbH's areas of interest
  • are active in the BASF Group's business fields

In addition to supplying venture capital, we provide the companies in which we hold stock with active support in the form of focused cooperation based on the BASF Group's Know-How and Research Verbund.

The main responsibilities of our investment managers include screening several hundred requests for investment a year, evaluating new technologies and market trends, and monitoring fund investments and portfolio companies. It is also important to build up contacts and initiate cooperative partnerships. The team's expertise is essential when it comes to due diligence and negotiations for new equity.

Based on their many years' experience in different business divisions in the BASF Group, our investment managers are able to act as consultants for development of a promising business model or marketing and sales issues to ensure profitability.

Experienced financial experts and scientists work hand in hand throughout all stages of equity investment process. The team checks the commercial and technical prerequisites for the company concerned in preparation for a decision on investment. For this reason, as a general rule, our employees have successfully completed doctorate studies in economics or chemistry.

We operate globally with locations in Ludwigshafen, Germany, Hong Kong, China, Tokyo, Japan, and Fremont and Boston in the US.