BASF Launches Priaxor®225 EC fungicide to address Coffee Berry Disease (CBD)

Farmers to benefit from higher level of long-lasting disease control,reducing crop damage

Priaxor®225 EC dual mode of action to aid in controlling Coffee BerryDisease and improve crop yield

Coffee farmers in Kenya will now have access to an excellent solution for tackling Coffee Berry Disease (CBD), a severe disease that may destroy up to 80% of the coffee berries. Thanks to Priaxor®225 EC, a fungicide launched by BASF, one of the world’s leading chemical companies, farmers will have a highly efficient product for the control of CBD that has had an impact on the overall coffee production in Kenya.

Priaxor®225 EC is suited for coffee farmers as it disrupts fungal growth. It has a long-lasting protection window of up to 28 days, reducing the overall number of fungicide applications and enhancing cost saving.

“BASF is committed to playing an active role in supporting coffee farmers with sustainable agricultural solutions; and be a part of the solution in addressing their challenges. Thousands of farmers in Kenya will now have access to an innovative crop protection solution that will assist them improve their yields and hence run successful coffee farming business, improving their livelihoods,” said Shollay Ramlaul, Country Cluster Head - BASF East Africa Ltd.

BASF’s knowledge in chemistry continues to benefit growers in agriculture sustainably, by providing highly effective herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.