BASF launches Dagonis® fungicide to tackle Powdery Mildew in Kenya


Floriculturists to benefit from an innovative solution that protects horticultural crops from a variety of diseases.

The superior efficacy of Dagonis® dual mode to aid in controlling powdery mildew and maximize yields.

Floriculturists in Kenya will now have access to a talented fungicide that will protect their crops against powdery mildew, a fungal disease that impairs maturity of flower buds in rose bushes. Dagonis®, a product of BASF, one of the world’s leading chemical companies, will provide flower farmers with a highly effective product that is easy and safe to use and will maximize their yields.

The Dagonis® launch is aligned to the BASF’s agricultural division’s strategy with a higher focus on customer and societal needs. Dagonis® has two active ingredients Xemium and Difenoconazole a powerful combination that provides exceptional efficacy and allows savings on other treatments, giving the farmer peace of mind.Dagonis® is best suited for flower growers as it provides a good resistance management tool with a long-lasting protection, from first foliage appearance to harvesting.


“BASF continuously invests in innovation and research and uses its expert knowledge and a very good understanding of the farmers to manufacture Dagonis® which provides a wide spectrum of disease control.” said Shollay Ramlaul, Country Cluster Head - BASF East Africa Ltd.


BASF has recently launched several new sustainable and highly effective fungicides, herbicides and insecticides targeted at helping farmers of key crops in Kenya combat pests and boost yields in a more sustainable manner. Dagonis® is a wonderful example of these innovative solutions as it will aid farmers with an excellent multi-purpose tool for powdery mildew control.
“BASF continues to foster the growth of the agricultural sector through its commitment to respond more effectively to the farmers needs in the region for sustainable crop protection solutions” adds Shollay.