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Do you want to show us what you're made of? Join us as an Intern at BASF! We are always looking for talented and enthusiastic students from a wide variety of job fields. At BASF, we offer an incredible number of exciting projects and positions, for scientists, engineers, economists, and students of humanities. We are always open to new ideas and unconventional approaches to challenging issues.

The world needs us and we need you!

Depending on the job profile, you will work on a project either independently or as part of a team. Your personal supervisor will be right by your side to answer any questions you may have, provide helpful contacts, and give you regular feedback on your work.

Come shape your career at BASF!

After my studies & PhD in business administration, I joined BASF in the TOP START program to get in touch with a variety of different placements in a short period of time. Ever since, I enjoy every day working with colleagues across the world to create value for business units and the company as a whole.

Keke Hiller

Head of Product Management and Marketing, G-ENA/AM, Aroma Ingredients



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Questions for graduates and job starters

On this page we collected questions we are receiving from students. We hope we also provided the answer for your question.

Please scroll down to find answers:

  • on your application and the general application procedure
  • on your internship at BASF
  • on your internship abroad (with Explore Together)
  • on the Talent Pool of BASF
  • on the Germany scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium)

Your question has not been answered? Contact us directly - for examply via Chat! We are looking forward to receiving your message.

Answers for students (on general topics)

Are the positions advertised online up-to-date?

Yes. All positions advertised on our career pages are current vacancies. The job postings are only removed once the positions have been filled.

How do I apply?

When applying for a job in our global job search you will be forwarded to register at our BASF Talent Community first. There you can activate a personal job agent to receive e-mails with the latest job openings. After registration, you will get to the regional application system to complete your application or receive further information.

 Please apply via our online application system and use one single e-mail address.

Candidates applying for a vocational training program or joint work/study program should go to the  following link.

What elements are involved in the application process? Will I have to attend an assessment center?

BASF assesses candidates’ applications to decide which of the open positions they are best suited to.  The business unit in question then decides whether or not to invite the candidate to an interview day.

The invited candidates then take part in several interviews with representatives of the technical unit and BASF recruitment staff. BASF has found this approach to be extremely worthwhile – as one-on-one interviews offer an excellent opportunity to really get to know the applicant, and we consider personal impressions to be very important. Over the course of the skills-focused interviews, we establish whether the candidate’s specialist knowledge and abilities tally with the requirements of the post. The applicant also has the opportunity to meet future managers and colleagues. As a result of the success we have had with personal interviews, BASF does not include assessment centers in its recruitment process.

How many months in advance should I apply to a position?

The application deadlines vary for the individual positions. You can apply to a job posting as long as it is still advertised. If you are actively looking for an internship in a specific time period, you may start looking three months in advance.

Who is my contact partner at BASF for my application?

Several BASF employees are involved in the application process and process your application which means we cannot name one specific contact.  Please address your cover letter with "Dear Sir or Madam".

How can I find out about the status of my application?

You can see the current status of your application at any time in your  online application profile.

How generous are salaries?

Wages at BASF are in line with industry standards, and depend on the type of role and your personal performance.

Which other documents should I attach to my application?

You can find more information on which documents are required for the application process here.

Can I use data that I have already provided BASF for another application?

You can use any data you have already saved in our  online application system for other applications. If you want to apply in another region, you might have to register again. Our global job search will automatically redirect you to the right online application system. An overview of all systems can be found here.

Can I apply to several locations or for several positions at the same time?

You are welcome to apply to several locations or for different positions.

Will my applications be processed at the same time?

All applications are processed irrespective of when they were received.

How can I apply for a thesis placement/student research project?

You can find all the information you need on thesis placements/student research projects on our career pages.

You can find current job postings in our global job search and apply via our  online application system. If you cannot find an interesting position you can send us an unsolicited application.

Can I apply for a doctorate at BASF?

You can find all of our open positions worldwide via our global job search. If you don't find an interesting position you can send us your unsolicited application via this link. Please specify the area you wish to focus on in your cover letter. All information on the application process can be found on our career sites.

Does BASF also offer temporary and casual jobs?

You can apply for a temporary or casual job on our  online application system.

Am I sent a notification once I have sent my application?

As soon as you have applied for a position, you will receive immediately confirmation that we have received your application. Please ensure to complete your online application successfully by clicking "Send application".

What is your data protection policy regarding the online application system?

All data provided to BASF is handled strictly in accordance with German data protection legislation. All candidate information obtained via our online application system, is treated in the strictest confidence and is used exclusively for staffing, recruiting marketing or talent relationship activities.

Am I sent correspondence by e-mail?

We prefer to send all correspondence by e-mail that you have provided during the online application process.

Can I postpone the date for my selection interview?

If you cannot take part in a selection interview, please contact our application hotline as soon as possible to arrange a new date, if possible.

Will my travel costs be reimbursed?

You will receive more information on the BASF travel cost guidelines when you are invited to an interview.

How do I get my travel costs reimbursed?

You will receive more information on the BASF travel cost guidelines when you are invited to an interview.

How can I send an unsolicited application?

You can send an unsolicited application here. If you don't find a suitable position in our job postings, you can send us an unsolicited application.

Questions on internships

For how long are internships offered at BASF?

An internship usually lasts between two and six months. In Germany can mandatory internships be offered for a maximum duration of six months, depending on study regulations, while voluntary internships can only be offered for a maximum of three months. Gap year internships can be offered for a maximum duration of six months.

What is a voluntary internship?

Voluntary internships are any internships which are not required by a university regulation. You may only do one voluntary internship for a maximum of three months per legal entity of BASF. If you have already completed an internship at BASF SE, you are not permitted to do another one at BASF SE. If this is the case, you can for example do a voluntary internship at a BASF Group company instead.

What is a mandatory internship?

Mandatory internships are internships which are required during studies due to a university regulation.

How do I prove a requirement for a mandatory internship?

You can submit the study regulations, which stipulate that you are required to complete a mandatory internship with your application documents.
Alternatively, you can also complete the form “certificate for a mandatory internship” provided by BASF and have the university administration to attest that the internship is mandatory.  

Do I need to be enrolled at a university for the internship?

You need to be enrolled at a university for the whole duration of the study-related internship if you wish to complete an internship at BASF. For a Gap-Year internship, we do not need an enrollment certificate.

Is an internship at BASF paid?

It goes without saying that all internships are paid!

What documents do I need to submit with my application for an internship?

We require the following documents from you for an application:

  • résumé
  • cover letter
  • valid certificate of enrollment for the duration of the internship
  • references
  • certificates
  • current grade transcript
  • the completed form “internship questionnaire”

If you wish to complete a mandatory internship, please also submit your study regulations or, alternatively, complete this form “certificate for a mandatory internship” and have it attested by your university administration. For thesis applications, the forms are not required.

How are final theses handled?

Final theses are obligatory to finish the studies, therefore they are handled as mandatory internships.

Is it possible to do an internship between a bachelor and master's or a master's and doctorate? (Gap-Year internship)?

An internship between your bachelor and master or your master and doctorate is perfectly possible. However, a statement of intent is required which stipulates that you plan to commence a master degree or a doctorate.

Questions on internships abroad (Explore Together program)

Is it possible to do an intership abroad?

Yes, BASF offers internships abroad with our Explore Together program. You can learn more about this program here.

How many Explore Together internship positions are there per year?

Every year, we offer about 30 Explore Together internship positions, distributed over the areas of Business, Engineering and Research & Development. You can find the current vacancies in the BASF Job portal.

In which countries are Explore Together internships available?

Explore Together internships are offered in countries with a BASF subsidiary – except of Germany. At the German BASF sites, there is a great number of internships in various fields of expertise on offer. Just have look at the BASF Job Portal-

How can I apply for Explore Together?

You can apply via the Job Portal on BASF’s career pages. Enter “Explore Together” into the Keyword Search. Then, select the Explore Together Posting that fits you best in terms of your expertise from the appearing postings and apply for it.

Can I also do an internship abroad with BASF apart from the Explore Together program? And how can I apply?

In the global BASF Job Portal you can search for all current internships vacancies at BASF sites worldwide. Alternatively, you can also send an unsolicited application to BASF subsidiaries where you would like to do an internship. Here is an overview of the subsidiaries and contacts.

It can also be helpful to do an internship at a BASF subsidiary in your own country before applying for an internship abroad. By getting in contact with many different BASF employees during such an internship could result in a chance for a subsequent internship abroad.

How does the selection process look like?

The selection process is carried out in several steps. First, we check your application documents (your motivation letter, your CV and your references). If your profile meets the criteria, there are two telephone interviews. A person from our Recruiting department conducts the first interview, and an expert from the regarding area of expertise does the other one. If you pass both of these interviews, we suggest you to the internship supervisor as a candidate for the internship position.

Can I already apply for Explore Together while studying for my Bachelor’s?

While working on a BASF site as an Explore Together intern you will be involved in technically demanding projects. That means that you will need to have already achieved a certain level of university education. This is the reason why it makes sense to apply towards the end of your studies for your Bachelor’s or during your Master’s.

What are the specific selection criteria?

Explore Together candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • advanced bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • initial experience in the area you would like to do your internship in, e.g. from your course of study and/or previous internships
  • initial experience abroad, e.g. from internships, semester abroad, or language courses
  • excellent knowledge of English and ideally knowledge of the national language
  • extracurricular activities

Is it necessary to already have done another internship with BASF?

It is not a prerequisite, even though we recommend it. You learn a lot about the company, its structure and its culture during a previous internship with BASF.

What is the minimum or maximum duration of the Explore Together internship?

The internship duration ranges between three and six months.

Can I write my final thesis via the Explore Together program?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to write your final thesis in the Explore Together program. A final thesis would require a higher level of supervision than the local BASF colleagues can offer.

What support do I get with the internship abroad?

There are many ways how we support you in the Explore Together program, starting with personal support with organizational issues. We also put you into contact with other Explore Together interns who will give you excellent practical tips. In addition, we pay for your visa and flight and you receive local internship salary. The salary amount depends on the specific country where you are working. Please note: In some countries, it is possible that the internship salary does not cover all your living costs.

Finally, we invite you to a seminar on intercultural topics where you also meet fellow Explore Together interns along with various persons who work for BASF. This helps you to reflect on your own intercultural experience and learn from one another.

What happens after I finished the Explore Together internship?

After your internship, we will have a final talk with you where you can give us detailed feedback on different aspects of your internship. We use this feedback to further develop our Explore Together program.

And of course we want to further stay in touch with you - which is why we invite our Explore Together interns to BASF’s European Talent Pool. This offers you a wide range of options for staying in contact after your internship abroad. You will be invited to events, get a regular newsletter with news from BASF and have a direct line to the European Talent Pool team as your direct contact persons.

Questions on the BASF Talent Pool

What is the European Talent Pool?

The European Talent Pool (ETP) is a program designed for BASF to keep in contact with students and graduates who have convinced us with a university degree with good grades and the right kind personality. Our ETP members are invited to exclusive events and workshops and are sent regular newsletters about the latest BASF news. Every ETP member has a personal BASF contact and the ETP team provides personal support on all issues relating to BASF internships, applications etc.

How can I join the Talent Pool? Can I apply to join?

Unfortunately you cannot apply directly to the ETP.  A BASF employee has to recommend you personally for an entry into the ETP, e.g. after you have successfully completed an internship at BASF. Once you have successfully convinced your internship supervisor of your technical and social skills, he or she can nominate you for the ETP.
The only exception is our international internship program Explore Together - you can apply directly to this program. If we register you into the program after a successful selection process, you will automatically become a member of the European Talent Pool.

Where can I find more information on the Talent Pool?

You can find more information on the European Talent Pool and its various programs on the  BASF career pages.

Questions on a scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium)

What is a “Deutschlandstipendium” and why has it been introducted?

The “Deutschlandstipendium” was introduced by the German government to support high-achieving students. It is intended to reward outstanding performance and pave the way for a new scholarship culture in Germany.

Who is eligible?

Students of all nationalities studying at a German university who are expected to achieve above-average results during their studies are eligible for a scholarship. However, academic performance alone is not decisive: other factors, such as community commitment or overcoming challenges in their personal life also play a role. Freshmen students can also apply.

Where can I apply for a Germany scholarship?

The universities select the students. They publish the number of scholarships and provide information about the documentation applicants must submit and the deadlines. Universities match each successful “Deutschlandstipendium” applicant with a sponsor according to their interests and subject in order to establish personal contact. Applying directly to BASF is not possible.

Does my university offer the “Deutschlandstipendium”?

All state and state-approved universities, with the exception of federally funded institutions, can offer the “Deutschlandstipendium”. A large number of German universities have already introduced the scholarship program. Detailed information is available from your university or on the official website of the  Deutschlandstipendium.

How long does the scholarship last?

The scholarship is initially granted for one year. The university then checks whether the students still fulfill the criteria before further support is granted. The scholarship is intended to provide support until the standard period of study has been completed.

What subjects does BASF sponsor?

The scholarship is not limited to undergraduate degrees but also covers postgraduate study, part-time or dual study programs, and masters degrees. There are no restrictions with regard to subjects.

Further Questions

If you have any more questions, please contact:

Telephone: 00800 33 0000 33 (toll-free international number)